How To Prevent A Metal Gazebo From Rust

Rust can be a real deal-breaker for your metal gazebo. It not only makes the structure look unappealing but also damages it subsequently.  Therefore, keeping rust away from your favorite metal gazebo should be one of your main concerns when you install it in your yard.

Let’s find out how to prevent a metal gazebo from rust so that as beautiful as a new one for years to come.

Don’t Avoid The Preparation Stage

Even when your gazebo is not suffering from rust and corrosion, you must always take preventive measures to keep it anew. For that, the preparation stage is very important to ensure all-around safety. Before starting make sure that you have all the safety equipment handy including a dust mask and safety goggles. Also, put drop cloths around the structure for extra protection.

Cleaning Is Crucial

Start the “rust prevention” process by cleaning your metal gazebo thoroughly. If the structure is relatively new, then cleaning it with a scrubber would do the work. This will remove all the dirt and dust easily.

However, if the framework is a bit old and already has rust in it, simple scrubbing won’t be enough. You have to use a wire brush on an electric drill to remove all the rust and old paint from the gazebo successfully. After you are done brushing, wipe off the structure with an emery cloth to remove more rust if needed.

metal brush
Wire Brush For Electric Drill To Clean Metal Rust

Rust Inhibitor Saves Your Day

If you have a metal gazebo, you must know that applying a rust inhibitor is always crucial for the protection of your favorite structure. This amazing product stops the rust from blooming and damaging the whole thing.

After you have cleaned the framework perfectly, coat it completely with a rust inhibitor using a paintbrush. Make sure that you have applied it to all the parts. Let it dry fully.

Never Forget Primer

Once the rust inhibitor dries down, don’t forget to coat the gazebo with an excellent quality metal primer. This incredible product not only provides additional protection against rust but also lets the paint [we will discuss later] stick to it better than ever.

For the best protection against corrosion, apply two coats of this primer on the metal gazebo. After putting on the first coat wait to let it dry completely. Then apply the second coat for extraordinary rust prevention.

Applying red primer to metal
Applying Red Primer To Metal A With Brush

Remember To Paint

Now that you have prepared the metal gazebo precisely, it’s now time to cover it with a good quality paint so that rust and corrosion remain at arm’s length from it. For the painting, it is often advised to use high gloss alkyd paint as it can fight humidity and oil actively and also lasts longer than the others.

While painting the structure make sure that you have covered all the nooks and crevices of it. Otherwise, it won’t provide the protection against rust that you have been looking for. 

Same as the primer, apply two coatings of the paint for utmost protection.

painting metal

Wrapping Up On Prevent Metal Gazebo From Rust

Rust and corrosion are the main enemies of your beautiful metal gazebo. Even when you have followed the above steps to secure the structure completely, you must always keep the structure in check for maximum safety. If you notice even the slightest of corrosion, don’t delay taking immediate action.

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