Does A Gazebo Add Value To Your Home – Know The Truth

A gazebo surely enhances the beauty of your garden, but does it add value to your home and property? Well, we don’t know that for sure. Let’s discuss whether a gazebo adds value to your home or not so that you can install yours intelligently. 

Does A Gazebo Add Value To The Home?

Yes, it does.

A gazebo would most definitely increase the worth of your home by several degrees. It not only acts as a decorative piece on the outdoors but this structure also offers you more space in your garden to use effectively. Be it relaxing or enjoying the nature with a shade on the top, the convenience that a gazebo offers to its users is unmatchable, and therefore, is bound to increase the value of your property greatly.

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How A Gazebo Adds Value To Your Home?

A gazebo can increase the value of your property in several ways. We have discussed them in detail for you to understand better.

Makes Your Home Unique

When you are buying a house, you would most definitely look for unique features, which makes the property stand out in the crowd. And this is where a gazebo casts its magic. As it enhances the beauty of a yard and adds a sense of luxury to the space, it makes the property unique from the rest of the neighborhood. When the seller is offering such uniqueness, buyers would happily spend a few thousand bucks extra to own the property.

Provides More Usable Space

When you add a gazebo in your deck or yard, it provides more useable space to the homeowners outside their actual house. It offers seating options, gives you the opportunity to host parties in the garden and also allows you to even set a barbeque stand for better convenience. As this structure is providing you more usable space, it will surely help you to hike the value of your property nevertheless.

More usable space under the gazebo

How Much Value Does A Gazebo Add To Your Home?

An excellent gazebo in your yard ups the value of your property- there is no doubt in that. How much it increases the worth of the home? It depends on the home value factors always. A gazebo won’t consider as an additional square footage. But a decorated beautiful gazebo can be the influencing point to get sold you property.

When it comes to the ROI (return on investment) of gazebo itself, it depend on the size and the additional accessories you used on the structure. Usually a gazebo would offer 50% – 80% for the return on investment.

In Conclusion

You cannot expect that all types of gazebos would provide the same return on investment. As its depends on several different factors, you must keep your expectations in check before listing the property on the market.

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