How To Decorate A Gazebo For A Wedding

Tying the knot under a well-decorated gazebo on the beach or your backyard can be dreamy. A gazebo adds class, character, and a whole lot of fun factor when it comes to an outdoor wedding. However, when it comes to decorating it for such a special occasion, you might get confused- and it’s normal as there are so many designs and ideas floating in your head.

To make it easier for you to zero in on the perfect decoration for your most special day, below, we have discussed how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding easily. Keep on reading below to find out more.

6 DIY Ideas To Decorate A Gazebo For A Wedding

Let’s talk about how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding so that you have the most gorgeous place to get married to your most favorite person.

1. Decorate With Fresh Flowers

Wedding and flowers get together hand in hand. Therefore, what could be better than to deck up your garden gazebo with your favorite flowers for your wedding? Well, nothing. Fresh flower decoration brings freshness and calmness to the space. You can never go wrong with this.

decorate gazebo with fresh flowers for wedding

However, when it comes to how to incorporate flowers in the wedding gazebo, the options are endless. There are just so many ways to deck up the structure with flowers. From flower vases to wreaths, centerpieces, and bouquets- you just name it. If you want to add vases or a big flower centerpiece, use flowers that complement the theme seamlessly. 

When you love simple decoration, just a flower wreath [that matches the bride’s bouquet] at the gazebo’s entryway could do the work. It doesn’t matter how you use fresh flowers in the gazebo, they are always going to compliment your wedding. 

Then again, don’t be so matchy-matchy with the flowers. Try to mix and match for some visual interest.  Also, make sure that there are no insects or bugs in the flowers to ensure your safety. 

2. Add Fabric Drapes

If you don’t like flowers [allergies, brings back bad memories or anything], then fabric drapes can be an excellent alternative for the wedding gazebo decoration. Also, there are no chances of insects crawling out of your decoration. Well, jokes apart, even though drapes decoration is simple, it is sophisticated and makes a statement. Moreover, adorning your garden structure with drapes is also easy and effortless compared to the others.

decorate gazebo with white drapes

When you wish to decorate your wedding gazebo with fabric, it’s the best to color coordinate it with the rest of the decorations. White, light pink, light lavender are some of the most popular color options, you can also try out bolder colors if it matches your theme.

Moving on to the fabric material, choose soft, delicate material [like organza, silk, net] to deck up your wedding gazebo. Such “airy” fabrics add dimension and whimsical touch to the whole outlook. 

You can use fabric to wrap the half railings of the structure or the pillars up to the roofline. The tabletop can be a great way to include fabric in your decoration. You can also drape curtains on the entrance of the garden house and tie them with decorating ribbons, tie-offs, etc. 

3. Flower And Fabric Can Do The Magic

Flowers and fabric can also create stunning decorations for your wedding garden structure. This combination is probably the most popular combo when it comes to gazebo decorations. It is easy and fuss-less too. However, before incorporating these items into your yard house, make sure that they go well with each other. If the flowers and fabric don’t complement each other, the outcome won’t be as stunning as you have imagined.

decorate gazebo with flower and fabric for wedding

For the beautification of the framework, you can drape the fabric on the entrance and center it with a large matching flower wrath. Add little flower tie-offs on the curtain to enhance the visual interest even more. 

To enhance the appeal even more, cover the pillars with the fabric and attach small flower circles to them. You can also connect the top posts with fabric curtains and give a very “romance vibe” to the wedding venue.

Aside from fresh flowers, faux flowers also enhance the outlook by several notches.

4. Try Out Hanging Lanterns

It’s not always that your wedding ceremony would take place in the morning. More often than not, people like an evening wedding with the setting sun as a backdrop. If you are also going for such an evening wedding and wanting to decorate your gazebo with the same vibe, then hanging lanterns and luminaries would be the best elements for it. The soft, romantic lights of the lanterns provide a very intimate and romantic feel also while enhancing the appearance of the whole place.

hanging lanterns on gazebo

Now, you might think why use lanterns and luminaries, instead of the modern spotlights. Well, that’s because the spotlights are too bright and harsh, and won’t be able to provide the magical ambiance you are looking for.

Then again, hanging lanterns doesn’t mean that you can dangle them from anywhere you want. Follow a specific pattern for a decent look. Try mixing sizes so that the decoration doesn’t seem monotonous. 

Aside from the lanterns, you can also use candles with holders to improve the feel of the atmosphere of your big day.

5. String Lighting Can Be The Winner

Evening wedding decorations don’t always have to include lanterns and candles. You can also use arrays of string lights in your gazebo to brighten up the place while adding a festive impression to the surroundings. These tiny-weeny drop fairy bulbs are soft and delicate, and won’t hurt your eyes with their brightness. It doesn’t matter how many strings you attach to the structure, the lumen will still be soft and magical, unlike other electric bulbs.

Gazebo decorated with string lights for wedding

To deck up the framework with the string lights, connect them with the pillars and across the top. This will create a web and look fantastic over your head. For versatility, hang the strings around the cake and make it the star of the party.

Besides the usual yellow lights, you can choose bulbs of other different colors and shapes [stars, flowers, balls, etc.] according to your wedding theme

6. Don’t Underestimate Hanging Dry Flower Baskets

If you want to keep the wedding gazebo decoration to the minimal, then hanging dry flower baskets from the roofs and pillars could be a great idea. They bring a breath of fresh air to the structure while keeping everything simple and to a minimum.

dry flower basket

Then again, when hanging them, make sure that they are securely hanged. Otherwise, there are chances that they would fall down and you during this special day.

Final Verdict On How To Decorate A Gazebo For A Wedding

A well-decorated gazebo can be an excellent place for your wedding if you decorate it rightly. From flowers to candles, lighting, and drapes, you can use a whole lot of components to deck it up for your special day.

However, before choosing the right decoration idea according to your wish, revise the budget, time of the wedding, and your theme precisely so that you don’t feel overwhelmed afterward.  

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